Business Owner / Executive Planning

“I’m doing everything I can to grow my company. We have put some benefits in place for our staff, but I realize there are a lot of other things that I need to take care of for myself to protect the business, my income, and my future retirement needs.”


As a business owner or a corporate executive you have high levels of responsibilities and many things taking your attention. You are probably doing everything you can to take advantage of various insurance benefits and retirement plans through your work. In many cases, though, there are a number of planning strategies that are exclusively available to you that are not commonly addressed or taken advantage of.

We specialize in working with business owners and corporate executives who are looking for a strategic partner to help them identify opportunities to secure their current financial situation and make the most of opportunities to improve your future well-being. Planning strategies such as buy/sell agreement planning & funding, key person insurance coverage, business continuation and business overhead expense disability insurance, deferred compensation arrangements, supplemental retirement planning options, 72 (t), defined benefit pension plans, and many more can be identified as potentially valuable options for you.. These strategies will typically come out of a comprehensive financial planning analysis. Contact us today to arrange a time to speak with one of our experienced financial planning professionals..