College Planning

“I want a great education for my kids, but how is it realistic for me to save enough to keep up with the increasing tuition without sacrificing my retirement savings and other goals?”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average college graduate can expect to earn almost twice as much as the average high school graduate. People with advanced degrees can expect to earn more than 3 times as much. Workers with college degrees experienced an employment increase of 1.8 million jobs in the past decade, as compared to a loss of almost 700,000 jobs for those with a high school diploma.

While the thought of the cost of college is intimidating to most parents (especially with costs increasing at approximately double the rate of inflation), it is clear that the long term opportunities for our children are well worth what we need to do to help them get the education they need. With proper planning regarding saving & investing, tax benefits, gifting strategies, etc. we can help you achieve your goals for your children’s education without sacrificing your own long term plans.