Employee Benefits

“I want to put together a great benefits package for myself and my staff, but with the rising costs of health insurance I feel like my only option is to cut back. What am I supposed to do?”

We know that you want to have the best employee benefits package possible for your employees. Good benefits not only improve the current & future well-being of your employees, but they also allow you to attract & retain the best talent for your organization. We also realize that the costs of providing those benefits have soared in recent years to the point where providing those benefits for yourself and your employees are a major commitment.

Although we can’t personally reduce the costs of health insurance we can help you examine all of the options to help you achieve the best combination of offerings that will fit your budget. Due to our major focus on providing solutions to business owners we have invested significantly in solutions that very few other companies can provide you with:

  1. In-house software that allows us to research every available health plan in Southern California (as well as dental, disability, life & other fringe benefits) with just basic census information from you.
  2. A no-cost (to you) comprehensive web-based Human Resources solution that is integrated with all of your benefit plans to take the administrative burden off of you and/or your HR staff and provide your employees with access to everything they would need regarding their benefits..
  3. Our connection and experience with retirement plans to fit every size & type of business..

With everything we can bring to the table we can be your single resource to help you. Let us be a part of the success of your business.