Our Process

Suppose you went to a doctor for the first time and he walked in and said “I understand you are not feeling well today. I am going to recommend that we start an I.V. of pain reliever for twenty four hours and see if that helps.” How long would it take for you to leave that office?

We would never trust a doctor that did not take the time to get appropriate background information about our health history, our symptoms, and our expectations before recommending any treatment. Yet, many people consistently make financial purchases based on someone claiming that they have the “perfect” life insurance strategy, mortgage loan, or investment opportunity without knowing your situation or your financial plan. Most clients who meet with us for the first time present us with investment reports (statements) from many banks, investment companies, and insurance companies – all purchases that someone convinced them would be beneficial, yet perhaps, with no real Unifying strategy that makes sense to the client.

At Dominion Financial Services, our Mission Statement is:

“To embrace our role as a partner in the success of each of our clients, by helping them to identify, clarify, implement, and achieve their financial goals.”

The first step that we take is to invest our time in understanding your personal situation and help you identify your major priorities. Then we help you to clarify those priorities into reasonable goals and help you to look at the possible strategies to accomplish those goals. It is only after this thorough process that we discuss the products or services that would be appropriate for you to choose to allow you to achieve your goals.

For example, if we Identify that planning for college expenses for your children without sacrificing your retirement is a primary concern, we would evaluate things like time horizons (for both college and retirement), current accounts, income and tax planning strategies, financial aid potential, children’s college plans, the percentage of college costs you are able to pay, and then your retirement goals. Next we would Clarify a strategy that takes both goals into consideration. At this point, we would discuss plans that would make sense for you to Implement in order to Achieve the goals we identify.

This process allows our clients to feel empowered and confident that they are making educated decisions regarding their money.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is always to do what is best for our clients on a long-term basis. In many cases it may seem that we take a more conservative approach to the solutions that we present. While the solutions that we present will vary by client, our long-term focus forces us to ask ourselves “Is this strategy, investment, or insurance product correct for our client now and in the years ahead?”

While working with us, you can expect honesty, integrity, timely communication, and advanced levels of understanding. We stay committed to learning and improving ourselves in order to continue to improve the ways in which we serve you, our client. We also commit to being accessible to you as we partner together to achieve your goals.

Hopefully you have found this to be a helpful explanation of what you can expect in working with our staff of professionals. Maybe your next question is “What specific services and products will Dominion Financial Services be able to offer me, in my situation now?” Great question – let’s take a look at our services page